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Belarus is an ex-USSR country in Eastern Europe. The European route E30 passes through it entering at Brest on the border with Poland and leaving at the Russian border between Orša and Smolensk. It is a fantastic and easy-going place for hitchhiking and the police or the political system generally will not bother you at all, so once you have your visa (if needed) you can just relax and go for it. You will enjoy!


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Public transportation

Local transportation very cheap and usually not blackrideable (except trolleybuses).


Hitchhiking works very very well. Some basic Russian is needed indeed.


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Find info on hosp ex at Couchwiki.

It's usually easy to find wild camping spots. Inside main cities you may also find enthusiastic hosts from internet free hospex networks. In rural areas people's hospitality will surprise you.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


Find info on dumpster diving at Trashwiki.

Belarus is usually a bit harder dumpster dive than the rest of Europe. You will find lots of cheap street food (beware of it) and you will be invited many times by your drivers and hosts.


Very difficult, there's a paying (extremely cheap) public wifi for which you must buy card to scratch (like for telephone). The connection itself is very reliable.


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Travel destinations

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City names in different languages

  • Brest (bel: Брэст, rus: Брест, pl: Brześć, lt: Brestas)
  • Homiel (bel: Гомель, rus: Гомель, pl: Homel, lt: Gomelis)
  • Hrodna (bel: Гродна, rus: Гродно, pl: Grodno, lt: Gardinas)
  • Mahilioŭ (bel: Магiлёў, rus: Могилёв, pl: Mohylew, lt: Mogiliavas)
  • Minsk (bel: Мiнск, rus: Минск, pl: Mińsk, lt: Minskas)
  • Viciebsk (bel: Вiцебск, rus: Витебск, pl: Witebsk, lt: Vitebskas)