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Name Boodaville[[name::Boodaville|]]
Type organic farm
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[[coordinates::40.8860,0.0732|]] [[Latitude::40.8860|]] [[Longitude::0.0732|]]

Boodaville is a organic farm[[type::organic farm|]] in In city::Calaceite[[located in::Calaceite|]] , Matarranya[[located in::Matarranya|]] (In country::Spain)[[located in::Spain|]].

Boodaville is an environmental education / permaculture project in the Matarranya region of Spain. 2.5 hours from Barcelona, near Calaceite town.

  • "1.5 hectares of olive terraces and two piney hillsides at the bottom of the Vall Rovira, Matarranya, Spain. one ruin, no mains water, not much electricity"
  • "The project will be split into four, with a family, or couple, or individual each taking on a quarter share in the project. Most of these people will live at Boodaville full time, but anyone who doesn’t will be there at least 3 months of the year and be seriously committed to taking the project forward. There will be a small group of long-term volunteers in addition to the permanent residents, and the members of the community (who must share the aims of the project) will collaborate to host regular courses and events to ensure the project is economically sustainable."


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