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Countertourism is a movement to "completely transform your experience of the heritage-tourism industry and its many sites. Counter-Tourism provides a set of powerful lenses, bending a whole world of conventional tourism into a spiral of new perspectives and experiences."

It is about changing the habits from being a tourist consumer shaped by the interest of the tourism industry becoming an individual interested in the local habits and real inhabitants.

The website noted below describes tactics to take back the way a trip takes: "Together, ordinary people can change the world of heritage-tourism by innovative consuming, intervention and even ‘infiltration’ that will transform the way that the heritage industry and its sites are visited, looked at, experienced, conserved, managed and changed."

Proposed are four steps to

  1. intensify and sharpen the perceptions and look what’s behind the scenes, outside the site, just offstage.
  2. blow apart the homogenous heritage story to uncover, the multiplicity of stories and overcome the preset images called mythogeography.
  3. change the kind of tourist you are.
  4. make tiny or dramatic interventions, and then move on, if it’s your bag, to ‘infiltrating’ the industry itself.

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This movement is related to Intimate tourism. See also How to be a good guest.

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