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  • When travelling to the islands, you can use the katamaran. It is a faster and cheaper passenger ferry than the car ferry. Altough car ferries can often be very cheap if you don't have vehicle.


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Wild camping in Croatia is, well, illegal. Which is all very funny at beach, as nobody can own the beach so in a way nobody can tell it's illegal to be on a beach. How can they prove that you're camping there? Maybe you're just relaxing one sunny day on the beach with your tent. More absurdity: It is illegal for me to camp on my own bloody land if it has no building permit. Explanation; there's no toilet and sanitation stuff, but even if you bring your toi-toi it's illegal.

If you still do wildcamping in Croatia, use common sense and try to do it in areas far from cities and settlements. Altough I saw wild tents even in parks in Dubrovnik and no one cared, still it is advisable to use some more isolated places. And it is far more nice! There are plenty of wild bays and coves all around of Croatian coast, especially on islands where you can put your tent and no one will care. As long as you leave no traces after you. Locals are very sensitive on foreigners leaving trash, so if someone spot some trash on places where you had your camp, there are big chances they will inform police and if they saw someone with "your" description, they will be more interested. In general, police don't care so much for wild camping as long as it is out of too obvious sight.

If police really stop you and start to ask questions, if you are couple or just with companion of different gender, say that you just wanted some private fun so you left your girlfriend parents in hotel alone. Usually it will work.

Additionally, Croatian law allows you to bivouac if you are in wilderness and you are either lost, caught by storm, dark or whatever other reason why you can't return to your starting destination. So if you make a tent in nature, no one can prove that you didn't just got lost or stayed too long during your swimming/hiking.


Minefields in Croatia

There are some landmines left in Croatia. Jason and Kelsey stumbled across signs in the middle of the night in central Croatia. Ask locals about this if you're sleeping out. It is advised to ask to stay in people's gardens or in the truck. However with the exception of some areas outside of- specifically just south of- Zadar, the coastline is completely clear. Please be aware of this and be careful! Keep in mind that in 2017. most of Croatia, especially tourist areas are mine free, and asking locals in some area about mines could make you look stupid. Map of marked minefields

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Croatia is not part of the Schengen area. This makes it a good place to head when you're through your 90 days period in a Schengen area.

Croatia's visa policy

Countries with visa free access to holders of Croation passports


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Croatia is a country in Southern Europe. Capital - Zagreb. It is a member state of the European Union and is preparing to join the Schengen Agreement by 2015.

Croatia gets quite touristic during the summer months and visiting in autumn might be better idea. Second half of June, July and August are very hot. September is ideal as it's hot during the day and chilly in the night. It can rain but usually just an occasional shower. Sometimes there's no rains and it looks like premature autumn with all the burnt leaves.

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