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Cyprus (Officially the Republic of Cyprus) is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and member state of the EU.

The currency used in Cyprus is Euro however, should you require to exchange foreign currency, there are many bank branches in virtually every km.

The northern part of Cyprus is illegally occupied by the Turkish military since 1974. While it is legal to enter that part from the Republic of Cyprus through specific points of entrance/exit, it is illegal to enter the republic through the same points if you have arrived to the island from an illegal airport located in the northern side. If you are caught with papers that show you have done so you will be deported.


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While there are no train services, there is an adequate bus/coach system with routes to and from nearly every area of the island. A prior booking will be required as well as finding your way to the station outside the airports, ports or town spots.

A slightly more expensive yet more comfortable and faster transportation way is by taxi/cab. No prior booking is required as there are taxi/cab drivers waiting outside the airport and ports however a phone-call will be required (usually) for a taxi/cab driver.

Ferries to Cyprus

An alternative way of entering the country is by ship, be it individually or as part of a cruise or organized group. In this case the port you are looking for is at Limassol.

From Turkey there are ferries Between Taşucu (Mersin Province) to Kyrenia ("Girne"), Alanya and Antalya. The night (slow) ferry From Taşucu is 72 Lyra, including port taxes. In summer fast ferries run everyday, but in the winter there are 2 slow ferries weekly (60TL or 100TL return) There are also ferries Between Mersin City in Turkey and Famagusta "Gazimagusta" in the East of the North side. But, apparently booking a plane ticket from any major city in the South to the Airport in North Cyprus is cheaper. It only requires some pre-planning.

From the South side there are no ferries 2012-13, an agent comments
There is a 2012 discussion about Israel ferries. Salamis Lines sometimes have cruises 2013 Schedule provides info on most ferries in the Mediterranean.

Public transportation


Direct flights to and from the island are frequent from virtually every European or Near/Middle Eastern country (except Turkey) and by connection flights from other countries. Airports are the Larnaca International Airport and the Paphos Airport.


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There is a huge variety of accommodation features in Cyprus. Particularly in the south accomodation is expensive. (A few budget places are listed on couchwiki). Free camping is allowed with the land owner's permission. It seems OK on beaches and forests. In the cities you can try putting your tent on the flat roofs of the apartment buildings in quiet neighborhoods.

Hotels: The most preferred choice is one of the numerous beach side or near the beach side hotels, villas or housing complexes that can be found (from east to west) in Protaras, Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos, Polis as well as some adjacent areas. For agricultural or mountainous holidays there are also hotels and hostels in the inland areas of mt. Troodos like Platres, Kakopetria, Lefkara or Platania.


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If there is one main element that characterizes the Cypriot cuisine, it is its freshness. The other is the variety of dishes that you will find in Cyprus. The Cypriot cuisine due to its Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern influences offers some unique dishes and culinary experiences.

There is a multitude of restaurants and fast food/take away/delivery shops that provide meat, fish or vegetarian menus. The smaller restaurants are very affordable without losing in quality and operate in the form of take away/delivery mostly, whereas the bigger ones can accommodate much larger groups.

At the same time, there are many foreign food chains such as MacDonald's, Burger King, Nando's, KFC, SFC, Fridays and so on and so forth.


Airports and organized beach sites offer free Wifi provided by the respective municipality. Most cafes, pubs and restaurants (local and foreign alike) offer free WiFi as well in order to attract customers. At the same time, there are numerous internet cafes in all cities and major villages.

In case you require urgent printing or scanning, there are many print shops or internet cafes or bookshops that will be able to assist you for a minimal fee. In case you need to buy new photographic film or turn in an old one to get the photographs, there is a decent number of photograph shops where they can assist you for varying prices. Alternatively you may be able to buy film from kiosks, bookshops and big supermarkets.


Busking is not illegal however, there is not much tolerance of untalented artists usually.


EU citizens and citizens of all the countries listed here - will only require their passport or ID to enter the country whereas citizens of 3rd countries will require a visa on some occasions. The procedure is usually brief and easy since the country is a tourist attraction.


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