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Czech Republic is a nice country in Central Europe, from the geographically point of view, even though referred to as "Eastern Europe" by several western Europeans.


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Hitchhiking works very well, public transportation is generally affordable in the cities and checks are quite rare.


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Hospitality exchange, spontaneous hospitality and wild camping are all very good option, and Czech people, often mountain/travel/adventure lovers, will probably lend you a hand if not even invite you if you ask for tips or information.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


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Generally quite cheap, you can find restaurants where a soup or a simple dish costs you the equivalent of 1-2€. Supermarkets tend to have affordable prices and open markets even more.


Wifi usually available in bars, cafes or libraries/universities but not much in public areas.


Local currency is not the best to busk and save money, though touristic, beautiful and crowded cities, like e.g. Prague, can represent a great opportunity for that!

Fede has been amazed by the amount of money (sometimes almost comparable to Scandinavia) that can be earnt busking and the extremely cheap cost of life for basic things usually nomads need.


Schengen area.


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