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  • Baklust is a nice vegetarian cafe with awesome baked goods.
  • Den Haag also has the first and so far only veggie snackbar in the Netherlands: De Vegetarische Snackbar. Won lots of awards as well.

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Things to do

  • De Vloek (FB)
  • Autonoom Centrum Den Haag (FB)
  • Haagse Bos is a pretty nice and calm park to check out.
  • Haagse Markt is one of the biggest open air markets in Europe, with really cheap veggies. You'll see baskets filled with random vegetables, usually one basket is 1 euro.
  • Just west of the city is an experiment with dynamic coast management. South of there the area is called Westland, with shitloads of greenhouses all over the place. Not the prettiest but certainly interesting.
  • The Peace Palace is pretty impressive to watch.
  • Waalsdorpervlakte is a dune area with lots of war history, if you're interested in that kind of stuff.