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Disclaimer: This page might contain information about activities that are not completely legal in all countries. Nomadwiki does not endorse illegal behavior. The authors of this page are not responsible for any of the actions taken by the readers of this page. This is for informational purposes only.

Dine and dash is a way of getting quality food for free rather than relying on dumpster diving or soup kitchens. It's a very simple procedure. All one needs to do is find a restaurant where food is played for after eating, order the food, eat it, and leave before you get the check. This is obviously illegal and the morality is debatable.

Some concerns to watch for include waiters paying extra attention to you and security - if any. Also, be sure to know that the restaurant delivers the check after you eat or you will be in the awkward position of leaving before you get to eat or having to pay for a meal with valuable money.

The merits of this are that you get a free cooked meal and you have the same amount of money as before.

The downfall is that you are breaking the law and depriving a business of its income, for which case you might want to consider doing this only with big multinational chains.