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Inside the city there are "Libertas" buses. Way too expensive and absolutely NOT black-rideable. If there is a lot of people you might get lucky and sneak in but the drivers usually keep an eye on the mirror and shoo you out. If you are really too tired or too hot to walk, try asking people to give you their used tickets, as each ticket is valid for an hour regardless of the line and direction.


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Dubrovnik at night when sleeping on a park bench.
  • Wild-camping in Croatia is illegal, so try to be cautious (extra, Dubrovnik is a super-touristic town).
  • There is a nice dark park near the old town: "Gradac" or "Boninovo".
  • Beaches near hotels usually have guards, but you can just find a beach without a hotel.
  • At the end of line 4 in the direction Hotel Palace, there is a forest are where you could easily hide, just don't make sounds.
  • The hills in "Uvala Lapad", the big and small "Petka" are dotted with half-hidden bunkers (war leftovers). Probably not a very pleasant place to spend the night but worth exploring. However, keep in mind that you are not supposed to be in that area after 8p.m. due to a forest fire a few years back.
  • Just be creative and smart, walk around and you'll find some nice empty spot to squat! It is very touristic but also beautiful and worth the visit.
  • The toilet in the city center is free and there are showers on the beaches.

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  • For fishing you would need a permit (in the night the police sometimes patrols the shore on a boat). You can always try, there are good places to fish as there are a lot of deep down-drops right off the shore in south of Croatia, just be careful.
  • You can dive for clams and snails and urchins and simillar. It's illegal though.
  • In acordance to the season, there are fruits to forage in the nature and the garden trees getting to the road. You can also find aspargus, truffels (if you have a friend dog or a pig), as well as wild growing herbs and spices.

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Dubrovnik.
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We met a local busker playing guitar + voice in old city gates in the direction of new centre. He told us that we can ask in tourist office. So busking might definitely be possible and nice during touristic season.

Travel destinations

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Prices and hacks

Our autostop driver told us that it is possible to get 10 times cheaper tickets for cruise ships in person in port than online. They fill free spaces. Also supposedly prices in shops are different for locals vs. tourists. The man was a bit exaggerating, but this information may be worth verifying.

Local people seem to be generally unhappy about high prices caused by tourism.