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Tons of walnuts in a dumspster. See also Trashwiki

Dumpster diving (skip-diving, skipping) might sound dirty but it's a great way for getting free food, and even as a means of Earning on the road.

Trashwiki is the best resource out there. Write any tips about dumpster diving in any city to there instead of Nomadwiki, please.

t is important to know/ understand how to keep safe/healthy when dumpster diving/surviving wash stuff... dont eat bagged salad most fruits are healthier at a over ripe stage such as bannanas.. be extra careful on dairy products.. hair spray/ rubbing alcohol removes ink off most items..


Urban foraging

Discounted food

Froodly it's an app that shows you where to get discounted food, for the moment it's just working in Helsinki and you can't get stuff for free, but with time it may be popular in other countries and could incentive Supermarkets to give away food nearly for free (hopefully even completely for free!)


  • FreeganDinner - Youtube videos.
  • Let's eat together - Facebook group where you can just go to eat at someone's else place (Helsinki group, but everybody can open new groups in any city!)

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