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Eilat is a city in the southern tip of Israel, around 4-5 hours ride to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It is also the gateway to Taba in Egypt, and Aqaba in Jordan.


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You can camp for free

  • on Migdalor beach (close to Egypt), there is water, toilets and free wifi
  • on the North beach past hotels zone close to Jordan border - there is a big camping ground for RVs and tents; water, toilet, cold showers and free wifi
  • on the camping site next to the Camel ranch (it's forbidden to collect natural wood for fire there)

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There's a place with free food called Beitrafael (בית רפאל אילת), it's open every day 11:00-13:00 except Fri and Sat. No questions asked. You can also take food with you - bring a plastic container.

Internet connectivity

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