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Name Eotopia[[name::Eotopia|]]
Type Ecovillage
Website URL::http://www.eotopia.org
Started July 2016
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[[coordinates::46.6580,4.5548|]] [[Latitude::46.6580|]] [[Longitude::4.5548|]]

Eotopia is a Ecovillage[[type::Ecovillage|]] in In city::Saône-et-Loire[[located in::Saône-et-Loire|]] (In country::France)[[located in::France|]].

"We are a group of young and committed world citizens looking for a place to create a vegan eco-village based on a gift economy and to develop our own way of living simply and in harmony with all that is."


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Since the beginning of July 2016, we are settled in Saône-et-Loire, about 35 km of Moulins (Allier), 24 km of Decize (Nièvre) and 14 km of Bourbon-Lancy (Saône-et-Loire). The closest train station are the ones of Cercy-la-Tour (Nièvre) and Decize (Nièvre).

The land is about 3 hectares, in a green nature, rich of a luxurious fauna and flora. There are a 120 m2 house and some barns.