FREIraum in Bad Hersfeld

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Name FREIraum[[name::FREIraum|]]
Type openspace
Website URL::
Last visit never update
Location Badestube 20
36251 Bad Hersfeld


[[coordinates::50.86916,9.71084|]] [[Latitude::50.86916|]] [[Longitude::9.71084|]]

FREIraum is a openspace[[type::openspace|]] in In city::Bad Hersfeld[[located in::Bad Hersfeld|]] (In country::Germany)[[located in::Germany|]].

"The FREIraum offers the opportunity to be self-organized, creative and take responsibility and cooperate with others."

It belongs to the Freiräume foundation and has a free shop, "living room" as place to meet others, repair cafe for electric devices, sewing space to repair or change clothes, youth's place, music room, tea kitchen, library and practicing space for bands. No accommodation.

It is open for all people indifferently on their origin or social status on mondays (4:30–6 p.m.), tuesdays (10–12 a.m.) and thursdays (3-6 p.m.).


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Freeshop rules

For the free shop several rules have been published on the website (in german):

  • there are no customers, everyone works voluntarily
  • donated material has to be clean and intact
  • if you donate, please take some time to sort it in
  • exchange is no must
  • taking is limited to 5 pieces, not for (re-)selling
  • coffee and tee for donation at will