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Name Factor e Farm[[name::Factor e Farm|]]
Type hackbase
Website URL::http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Factor_e_Farm
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Factor e Farm is a hackbase[[type::hackbase|]] in Missouri[[located in::Missouri|]] (In country::United States)[[located in::United States|]].

30 acre parcel of land 1 hour away from the Kansas City International Airport in Missouri. In 2004, Open Source Ecology purchased this land - a blank slate that was a soybean field. Since then, we have been busy building infrastructure, using as much open source, libre processes and hardware as possible. [...] Factor e Farm is an experiment on many levels: natural ecology, industrial production, experimental research and development, immersion education, and a transformative lifestyle. Factor e Farm combines a lifestyle immersion in the world of open source hardware, and a goal of creating the open source economy. We are experimenting with what it would look like if a small group of people were able to achieve a full resilient lifestyle, by tapping solar power (direct and indirect) and appropriate industrial technology - to master infrastructure maintenance at no more than a few hours per year - to attain raw industrial productivity with appropriate, heirloom and modern technology - to ascertain production of food, housing, energy, and technology from local feedstocks. This implies significant technology, productivity and efficiency levels - essentially removing waste from the unstable model of centralized industrial production, and converting to a more congruent and ethical open source economy.

All developments are shared in a public wiki.


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