Firefly Hackerspace

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Name Firefly Hackerspace[[name::Firefly Hackerspace|]]
Type hackbase
Website URL::
Last visit never update
Location 1646 Emigrant Trail, Casper, WY 82601


[[coordinates::42.8723,-106.3025|]] [[Latitude::42.8723|]] [[Longitude::-106.3025|]]

Firefly Hackerspace is a hackbase[[type::hackbase|]] in Wyoming[[located in::Wyoming|]] (In country::United States)[[located in::United States|]].

"An open community work space and education center with the resources to provide education and creative outlets for anyone who wants to learn. We are not yet fully open to the public" A hackerspace + "We have a few full timers here and are making room for more as we speak!"

Our open community lab features a workshop, machine shop, a site to build vehicles, wood-working projects, computers, animals, anything you can create, we will help you find a way to create it! Hackerspaces are wonderful places for those struggling in a textbook-learning environment; our hands-on courses will help you find a learning pattern that works best for you, you can not only gain experience in the present but also accumulate knowledge to achieve your goals in the future.


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