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Hitchwiki is a collaborative website for gathering information about hitchhiking and other ways of extremely cheap ways of transport. It is maintained by many active hitchhikersall around the world. We have information about how to hitch out of big cities, how to cover long distances,maps and many more tips.


The simple act of walking has been rendered alien and almost obsolete in the contemporary world we live in. Ordinary walking can become a rebellious and subversive act. Roads are public space and people who choose to walk and cycle are not slowing traffic or getting in the way. They are simply occupying public space in a legal way as people have done since time immemorial. Our streets and roads are meant to connect us not divide us.

Free/cheap organized rideshares

BlaBlaCar - Most popular carpooling site of Europe, there is also the smartphone app

A Vehicle such as a Campervan

A Vehicle is a popular method of free or cheap travel and accomodation for backpackers and travellers. Used or second hand campervans, for example, can be bought online. Initial research / checks are recommended to ensure a reliable second vehicle is purchased.

Rideshare with your vehcile allows travellers to split costs for items such as fuel and road tolls. A well equipped campervan, for example, can also also offers accommodation, to also save on that expense.

Vans are common amongst international travellers and locals for road trips in countries such as Australia. Australia's land mass is vast and flights or train travel are often expensive. Campervans can also be sold when your journey finishes up. Useful resource: Backpacker Guide To Campervans For Australian Road Trips: [1].


Travel by bike is also a very good option for free travel. Cities such as Barcelona and Melbourne offer bikes for use throughout the city.

Spinlister is a website and app designed to offer peer-to-peer Bicycle, surf and snowboard rental. Currently is a bit expensive and not popular, but the more people join it the cheaper it get! (you can always negotiate)


Take trains or public transportation without a valid ticket is easier than what people think, especially if you are abroad from your residential country. Fine can hardly be sent outside of the country they are issued and controllers can´t really force you to pay cash if you say you have no money. A good excuse, story will make everything easier for you.