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Gear is important for nomads. You want lightweight stuff that is useful and versatile like a swiss army knife. Before going travelling it is always complicated to know what to choose and it is good to read a lot about it and to think about it. Now this said, you don't have to spend thousands in gear, and to gather some old equipment from family and friends, maybe buying one or two stuff can be more than enough.


  • Wear layers (you only need to wash what's in contact with your skin)
  • Quick drying synthetic fabric allow to take less stuff (because it dries overnight).
Synthetics are not biodegradable. Underwear in particular have shorter lifespan so should be more eco-friendly.
  • Merino wool is a good alternative for synthetic garments in terms of smelling, drying and weight.
I highly recommend wool as it is "self cleaning" and a great insulator and durable. Silk, hemp and linen are also great materials to wear for their durability, weight and insulation/breath-ability factors.


See the Backpack article!


  • Swiss army knifes rule, so does Opinel.
  • A multitool allows you to fix stuff and be useful to the sedentary society.
  • Compass
  • Chopsticks and a spoon (universal eating utensils)
  • Various lengths of rope
  • Headlamp


  • Maps don't run out of battery
  • A GPS is a very helpful device
  • Taking pictures of Tram maps can be enough.

Hygiene and first aid gear

  • Biodegradable soap to wash outside.
  • Synthetic fiber towels are small and dry quick. Important when you like to wash before going on the road.
  • Toothpaste is not actually needed.
  • Toilet paper does everything.
  • Sport tape is a more durable replacement for plasters
  • There are several techniques to stay fresh while traveling, carrying deodorant is one of them. Deodorant crystals are a year-lasting alternative to deo spray, but some people just don't need deodorant.
  • soap bars or fluid soap can be used for shampoo, detergent, shaving. (Dr. Bronners liquid castile soap has 18 uses, i brush my teeth with it and its biodegradable)
  • a lot of nomads carry painkillers (don't use Aspirin™, it makes your blood more fluid), tiger balm and antibiotics
  • 30 day night and day contact lenses are a replacement or backup for glasses
  • Needle + thread + safety pins.



  • Best Nomad Laptop is the article to help you choose a computer.
  • A Smartphone can do a lot that computers can do but are much more portable.

- The new Nokia:N900 is a good example of these.

Sources of power

  • Rechargeable batteries with a charger
  • Solar panel for outdoor nomad.

Consider having with you a double-usb charger for sector (maybe with quick charge, 2 amperes for example), and why not a double-usb charger for cigaret lighter to charge in the car while hitchhiking? Most of chargers can be found with usb cable so this makes a nice versatile charger.


Prepaid SIM cards around the world: Some of them with GPRS or 3G internet.


Cooking while traveling is an art! Here are some advices.

Super foods

Super foods are great; light weight, compact and carry a lot of essential vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy in even the most trying of environments

  • Spirulina
  • Maca
  • Wheatgrass
  • Goji and Acai berries
  • Hemp seeds or powder
  • Coco beans


  • Homemade sourdough bread can be packed full of nuts and seeds and often can go for days without getting stale. Also, a sourdough starter is a nice gift for you new hosts.


Good for urban camping because you can camp up in the trees, where people don't naturally look.
Lighter than tent
No need for insulating mattress
Bad in rainy weather
There are some waterproof ones.
No problem with dangerous fauna.
Minimalist and very light solution.
  • Magic bed
Please Realitygaps edit.

More information about sleeping gears on Camping gear


  • the German DKB Bank has a free plan with a Visa card with which you can withdraw money for free worldwide
  • There are various banks in the USA that dot he same provided you remain active on the account within certain time parameters.

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