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Geneva (French: Genève, German: Genf) is a city in the south west of Switzerland close to the border with France.


It's possible to blackride buses and trams (drivers don't check). The frequency of controllers is unknown. If you get caught, they will ask for ID and an Address to mail the bill - Around 150 Swiss Francs - Or, they give you the ticket right away. If you don't provide ID and Address, they call the police. The ticket machines are in all BUS/TRAM stops but only accept Cards and Coins.

You can borrow a free bicycle during summer (?April - October). You need to give your id/passport, fill some paperwork and give deposit of 20 EUR/CHF and you can use the bicycle for 4 hours.If you exceed your 4 hours they will charge 2 Francs for every hour passed. One station is on the promenade of Quai du Mont Blanc, United Nations and Behind the Train Staion. You need to return the bike at 19 - 21 in the evening to somewhere and get your money back.CHECK THEM OUT HERE:

Accommodation & Wild Camping

Jardins Botanique: there's a little island in the lake with bamboo all around. Update: Jardins Botanique are fenced, so be prepared for jumping a (not too high) fence to get in.

An open option may be Parc Barton - possibly further towards world trade center (OMC)

Along the river Rhone. Police check sometimes in the early morning on the parts of the river that cuts through the city. Go farther away.

Right across the Airport there is a little forest.

SALVATION ARMY - ARMEE DU SALUT, 4 Chemin du Galiffe. You can pay 5 Francs for maximum of 10 nights only every 3 months. You can go to the Red Cross(Croix Rouge) or any main church and ask for a voucher. They will pay for your 10 days. ATTENTION: It's not guarantee you will have a bed. It will depend if they have any available. Be there at 19:00 and they will tell you if they have beds free. If you don't come back any night during your 10 days you will automatically loose your place, and it will be given to someone else.

Shower & swiming

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JARDIN MONT BRILLANT - Rue de Montbrillant 3. Located behind the main train station, right across the hotel also called Mont Brillant. Open from Tuesday to Friday around 11:30 and Saturday at 12:00. Sometimes they open on Sundays. Closed on Mondays. SEE ON THE MAP:

CLUB SOCIAL RIVE DROITE - Open Saturday only. Get a ticket at 11:00 to eat either at 11:30, 12:30 or 13:30. SEE ON THE MAP:

ADVENTIST CHURCH - Close to the University Hospital - Boulevard de la Cluse. 68. Buffet on Sunday from 15:00 to 19:00 Enter the church, and go to the basement floor. SEE ON THE MAP HERE:

LE CARE - Rue du Grand-Bureaux, 13 - Located under the Church Saint Claire - Open from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:45 Breakfast from 9:00 to 11:30 and hot meal 16:00 During the day you can also take showers and participate in various activities. For the 16:00 Hot meal, you must enter when they open at 14:00, otherwise you might have to get a ticket around 15:30 when the gate closes to get ready for the meal. They serve hot coffee and tea all day long. SEE ON THE MAP HERE:

BATEAU GENEVE - Quai Gustave-Ador 1 - Opens from 7:30 to 9:30 Breakfast only. It's located inside a old Paddle Boat on the lake Leman(lake Geneva) SEE ON THE MAP HERE:

CAFE CORNAVIN - Distribution of various food. They have two places. TUESDAY: 45, rue de St-Jean 15:30 distribution of tickets. Come back at 17:00 to get your bag of food. If you can cook, they will give you pasta, oil, vegetables, meat etc. If you cannot cook, they will give you Ham, cheese, bread, yogurt, cookies, cake etc. SEE ON THE MAP HERE:

WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY: Chemin du Galiff. In front of the Salvation Army(Amee du Salut) Get tickets at 16:00 distribution of food at 17:00 People get there as early as 12:00 because sometimes the person who handles the tickets comes early sometimes around 14:30 and brings drinks and sometimes snacks. SEE ON THE MAPS HERE:


In all main parks and Tourist areas there is free internet. Look for the signal ((o)) ville-geneve. You will have to register with a valid phone number. They will send you a 4 digits code valid for 6 months. Save this code!! Most of others free connections like in McDonalds, University of Geneva and Public Libraries and any building from the University Hospital uses this same code + your phone number to connect.

You will always find a free internet signal all over the city.


Permit mostly necessary. you buy a card for something like 20 francs, then pay 10 francs to the (quite central) office for each day you want to busk. but there is not much competition so one can earn enough money to make that price worth it. busking without a permit should be ok if you are just passing through.

Cool Places

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