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Granada is a main city in Andalusia, a region in Spain.

Student city and quite a lot of hippies around, too. Some of the older freegans go to the "conventos" to ask for stuff such as candles or food. The sisters aren't too nice to newcomer or people who look "romanian". Caritas has an extensive network in this town too. Worth a shot if you are down on your luck

During winter months average day temperatures are around +13°C/+55°F. Night temperatures can be near 0°C/+32°F. |accommodation=* Ask somebody for the "magic garden", the name of the street is "cuesta del chapiz" everybody knows it, there you can place your tent or if you don't have one, there's a room where you can sleep. The magic garden is normally full of travellers, you'll have a good time there. Edit : Magic garden no longer exists... The place is closed with gate, no one is camping inside.

Wild camping

Areas behind Alhambra up the hill towards the mountains are popular for locals to go for a day picnic, grilling etc. There are loads of places you could pitch your tent up. Walk on streets along the channel first and then just follow some of the paths to the woods.

If you talk to nice people in the Albayzín, they may be able to help direct you to some nice camping spots near the caves in the hills of Sacromonte. However, prepare for a bit of a hike with heavy gear.

Anyway, you can find spots to camp outside the city on your own: from Albayzin it's not far to the woods above the city.


There is a weekly couchsurfing meeting in Granada (Winter 2009/2010 it was each Wednesday) in Granada - Time and place in Granada's couchsurfing group. You might have some luck to find a couch, just going to that meeting and get to know hosts for a night.


  • Some folks are living up at the mountains in caves, but it's tiny bit cold in a cave during winter months. See this article for some photos.

|bewelcome-link= |food=You should check veggie markets on streets right before/after they close.

  • Mundo Manila - local punks/hippie/travellers pub. Good events, good food and great staff. Plaza de las Descalzas 3.
  • El Piano - yummy vegan food for good price.

|connectivity=On some faculties of Universidad de Granada you can find free computers (with no password requirement) or at least wifi. |busking=Busking in Granada is quite good, very touristic city, almost every spot in the centre is perfect. Just avoid the main commercial street (Calle Gran Via del Colon) cause shopkeepers may easily call police that come, stop and possibly even fine you (though hardly if you are foreigner..) if yu don't have a permit (which is issued generally rarely and only for locals). Prefer other places, like Plaza Nueva / Carrera del Darro, calle Zacatin or any other small streets around the cathedral. Ask locals for advice

- I totaly disagree with this. Cops in Granada are definitely not busking friendly. They even took guitares of my friend and said taht they will give it back after they'll pay a fine which was more than price of the guitares. More people have problems with cops while busking here so generaly it is good to be on some place which is not so crowded and where is not possible to go by car so lazy police will probably not walk there. When you're playing music and see police the best is to just go away or hide your instrument and pretend that you are begging which is legal.

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