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Groningen is the largest city in the north of the Netherlands, as well as the name of the surrounding province.


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If you get stuck in Groningen you can stay at the 'Santana' 24-hour bar, but they might get you to buy a drink once in a while. It's right in the centre by the market place (Akerhof 4a). Moreover, Groningen is a vibrant student city and going for a drink might result in a couch or bed for the night. Try your luck.

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  • The Free Café (fb) offers food for free, plus they do art in bikes for free too. Really cool concept. (Info as of Feb 2015)

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Groningen.
  • Two free internet terminals can be found at the main station.


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Other information

  • The local banks do free coffee and sometimes cookies.
  • The local 'Lefier' (jobcentre) does free coffee and has jars of chocolates and mints.
  • The local art school has access to a microwave (and internet if you borrow someone's log-in!) (Info as of Jan 2010)