Kostnixladen Wien

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Name Kostnixladen[[name::Kostnixladen|]]
Type freeshop
Website URL::https://www.kostnixladen.at
Email URL::info umsonstladen.at
Last visit 10/2017
Costs 0,00 per day (Food and accommodation)
Location Zentagasse 26


[[coordinates::48.1882249,16.3583358|]] [[Latitude::48.1882249|]] [[Longitude::16.3583358|]]

Kostnixladen is a freeshop[[type::freeshop|]] in In city::Vienna[[located in::Vienna|]] (In country::Austria)[[located in::Austria|]].

Free shop in Vienna


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Free shop in Vienna

For opening hours check the website - it's in German but you will manage!

Has all from books (mostly german and english, other languages too), clothes, electrical equiptment, ...