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Kupari is a small community of the Zupa Dubrovacka municipality, 10km south of Dubrovnik.


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Bay of the abandoned hotels

Six abandoned (and pretty destroyed) hotels next to the sea.

Getting there Getting to that area is either along the Croatian coast or Monte Negro. If you're in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I would recommend getting to Croatia in Metkovic, even though there is a possibility of getting over Neum or Ivanica (small roads). Once near, reaching it is simple. If you start from Dubrovnik, just go to the south end of the city, all the traffic going south has to go there as it is a small stretch of land between the mountains and the sea. Same applies for Herceg Novi in Monte Negro. In Kupari it is easy to find the hotels.

The complex is legally owned by the Croatian privatization fond. Internet says the army still uses it but very rarely and just some bits, but that might not be true.

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  • Tap water in the area is not only drinkable, but also yummy.

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Hackerspaces around Kupari.
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