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LGBT people suffer widespread violent abuse, discrimination when travelling. From the murder of transsexual women in Uruguay and of black lesbian women in South Africa, on-lethal violence including the arrest, beating and ill-treatment by police. In Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen and parts of Nigeria and Somalia, consensual homosexual conduct may be punished by death.

Matador network indicated LGBT travellers ask themselves eight questions when travelling abroad.

  • 1. Do you feel comfortable closeting yourself when it’s necessary?
  • 2. Do you pass?
  • 3. What are the laws and public opinions of the country you’re visiting?
  • 4. How can you reach out to the local LGBT community there?
  • 5. Are you traveling as a couple?
  • 6. What about bathrooms?
  • 7. Can you use explicitly LGBT friendly products and services?
  • 8. Are you planning to travel with condoms, sex toys, or other sexually explicit materials?




Hospitality Exchange

Hospitality exchange is a means of connecting to other travellers and locals. There are a number of LGBT specific platforms.

Most hosts on most platforms will be welcoming to LGBT travellers. It's good to check profiles carefully though.