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Find info on hitchhiking at Hitchwiki.

Arrive by Ferry from Satun, Thailand for 300 Baht.

Leaving Langkawi take the ferry to Kuala Perlis for 18 Ringgit regardless of where you are headed. It's the cheapest and you can hitch down Route 1 and get to Kuala Lumpur in a day or two, just find a trucker going that way and explain you have little money.

Hitch Hiking

Once in Langkawi one can just walk around the island and people will eventually pick you up. Tramping is not done here, which makes it a great tool for getting rides because one can walk and explore the terrain and eventually a motorbike will stop off and ask you if you need help. Explain you want a lift and don't have money. Most will give you a free lift. Malaysians also understand the "thumb" and signs so one could get rides doing this as well.

Hitching a boat out of Langkawi is possible. Just hang by the boat terminal with the private boats and talk to people. A lot of boats go to Penang.


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There are so many places to squat on the island and great spots at that. Tramp down the road and there are literally tons of places to squat right off the side of the road behind walls, in bushes, abandoned buildings, etc. On Ayer Hangat road there are a complex of abandoned buildings to squat in, but take note that others squat there. One can squat in construction sites whether active or not just wake up at sunrise and most construction sites normally start working a half hour to hour after the sun is up. The beach is another great spot to squat, but make sure you pick a spot away from the tide and away from stray dogs.

The best place to squat is being a stealthy ninja and squatting on the beach at Westin Resort. There is a dock that goes out into the ocean a few hundred feet. Squat under the dock or further away from the private beach of Westin Resort. From this beach there is FREE WIFI without login. The dock has outlets for charging electronic plugins and there is a bathroom and a sink to fill up your water halfway on the dock. It’s luxury camping for free.

You can also camp on huge rocks that are well above the high tide line. If on Cenang Beach kick it with other travelers near the Tiki hut that serves beers. Some are low-budget travelers, most are tourists, but sometimes it ends in free drinks or sneaking into The Cottage hostel for a free night of sleep in a bed. On Gunung Raya sleep under the overpass if having trouble hitching down the mountain, make sure to bring at least a 35 degree fahrenheit bag. It gets windy and cold up there.

The malls near the ferry terminal are a great place to get out of the sun. Free air conditioning, free electrical outlets to plugin electronics. Squat in the terminal and update your blog, edit YouTube videos, listen to music, read a book, while electronics charge. There are so many people waiting for the ferry to come it looks like you're just waiting for the ferry.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


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Only eat at the restaurants far away from the tourist areas or just eat at street vendors. The cheapest food is Nasi Lemak. It is possible to dumpster dive at the fast food restaurants too.

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