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Lausanne is a city in Switzerland. It is the main city of the French speaking canton Vaud.


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On the coast of lake there is a great place to camp between marina and football pitch. You can find nice hiden place in trees where you can even leave your tent for few days. In the park there is also place to make fire, tap with potable water and warm showers. Less than 10 minutes from here on Avenue de Montoie there is a gas station where you can find dumpsters with bread and other pastries. So basicaly you can find everything what you need for life only few minutes from your tent. map

Hot showers

There are at least two places with public showers. First ones are in Port d'Ouchy and the second ones are about two kilometres west from there in smaller marina. The second ones are cleaner but also in first place it's not bad. Water is really warm, you can lock yourself inside and it' s just great.

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Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Lausanne.

The closest free wifi is probably in gas station on Avenue de Rhodaine.


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Travel destinations

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