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Lithuania is connected to neighbouring countries with cheap bus companies (e.g. Polskibus, Simple Express, Ecolines, Eurolines) and mostly to the west with cheap airlines. Within the country you can also travel by trains. Check for timetables and prices.

Low cost airports are in Kaunas and in Vilnius.

Inter city bus timetables you can see via and in-city from

Bus+train timetables you can also check via


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Lunch in a restaurant costs usually 3-5e and a beer for 2-3e. Cheapest food can be found from markets. People sometimes sell vegetables, berries, mushrooms and honey at roadsides.


Ezys by Omnitel is cheap option for mobile internet and easy to top up by credit card (or at local shops).

Free wi-fi zones

  • Vilnius - Cathedral Square, Vilnius, Gediminas Avenue, Vokiečių Street, Vilnius International Airport
  • Kaunas - Laisvė Avenue
  • Klaipėda - Theatre Square, The New Ferry
  • Šiauliai - Vilnius pedestrian boulevard
  • Panevėžys - Laisvė Square, Senvagė. [1]


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Lithuania is a member state of the Schengen Agreement.


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Lithuania, one of the baltic countries and a member state of the European Union. It has borders to Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Kaliningrad (Russia).


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