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Luxembourg is one of the tiniest and richest states in Europe. Its GDP per capita it's probably the highest in the continent and this can often be seen.


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Hitchhiking works very well, plus the country is not really big to need long lifts.. Also very good connections with neighboring countries and several people working in and living outside which gives a daily traffic in and out the country (similar to Switzerland but not as much)


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Wild camping is more than possible. In a november night quite cool the main park along the river in the very centre of the capital was very welcoming for 2 tents and their owner who had just met.

Parc-Tony-Neuman in the North-West part of town is a nice place to wild camp. It's closed after 9:30pm in summer but the fence is easy to jump (try the gate at the city bikes station at Rue Léandre Lacroix / Avenue de la Faiencerie junction). Pack before 7:30am to be sure that you won't get caught, although the chance of being fined is negligible.

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Dumpster diving should work pretty well as in any other rich country. Food in supermarket is a little bit more expensive than neighbouring ountries but not that much. Shoplifting is a very plausible option.


  • There's a bit of concurrence around the centre of the capital by many gipsies from many different countries, musicians, statues, clowns etc
  • Police usually don't care nor bother you at all at almost any time of day and evening
  • Luxembourguese wages are that high that coins drop pretty fast. Buskers income here are similar to Austria, Switzerland and Norway..which usually means shitloads of money for nomads stardards and needs..


Public libraries (at least in Luxembourg city) have free internet access, around 1h/day. Registration and ID is required.


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Luxembourg is part of Schengen Area.


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