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You can travel around Macau for free simply by hopping on and off the complimentary shuttle buses operated by all major casinos and hotels. You will find them upon entering Macau by foot over the Border gates (2) or after arrivals at the Airport and at the two ferry Terminals. You do not need any ticket and buses depart every 5 to 10 minutes. You may have to get a ticket from Lisboa Casino or Hotel Emperor in order to leave the casino by shuttle but most of the casinos offer free shuttle buses without the need for tickets.

The buses from the border gates/ferries/airport to Hotel Lisboa, Wynn, Star World or Hotel Emperor, for example, drop you off just a few blocks from 'Largo do Senado' (the main square). When going to the Taipa side of Macau, one can board a shuttle bus of The Venetian Macau, Galaxy Macau, City of Dreams, or Sands Cotai Central.

However, at only 25 square Km, you can easily walk from place to place.


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Macau is made up of three Islands (Macau, Taipa, and Coloane). Macau is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, so avoid rough sleeping here. Seek to travel to Taipa or Coloane if you are thinking of camping.

  • Coloane is 5.6 km from the Macau Peninsula. There are lots of hills and mountains in which to camp. The eastern has two beaches in which you could consider camping: Hac Sa Beach and the southern Cheoc Van Bay (which is quieter). while Hac Sa has a quiet beach to camp, officially, campers should use a free camping site located beside the BBQ area. However, because the campers here were long time gamblers, and the atmosphere bad, authorities secured the site in 2014 and now has security. More information on the official campsite is available here.
  • There are free toilets and sinks at the site. You can also use the nearby BBQ facilities. You may seek to camp outside this area, but it may draw unnecessary attention. To get a free bus to Hac Sa, catch the Westin Hotel shuttle bus from the ferry terminal. Its also nice to hang out at their lobby as they have free wifi! You can also catch their shuttle bus to return to Taipa and Macau.
  • There is another small beach beside Coloane village, just behind the Tam Kung Temple. It is a little dirty and attracts flies.
  • You can sleep at 'Casa Corcel'- run by the charity 'Caritas.' While Macau’s only homeless shelter – primarily for those homeless when Macau residence cards, it also is home to those visitors who suddenly have lost all their cash at the casinos. You can find out more information here.
  • Macau's has two youth hostel. They are located at Hac Sa beach (Coloane) and Cheoc Van (Coloane). You can find information here. Because Hac Sa Hostel was full of broke gamblers, sometimes they ask for a International Youth Hostel Card or International Student Identity Card. Prices are about 100 MOP ($10).
  • There is little to no budget accommodation in Macau. There is a government website that lists budget guesthouses. The most popular backpacker hotel is the Sanva Hotel. There are shared bathrooms, but very central and good prices.

There are many public restrooms in Macao. They are clean and safe. However, no showers are available.

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When walking from from Largo do Senado to the Ruins of St. Paul's, numerous shops will offer you samples of macanese cookies and Jerky.

In Old Taipa Village, you can get free cookie samples and jerky on Rua Do Cunho or 官也街 (Guanye Street). This is the main pedestrian street running through old Taipa Village. This is separate from the 'new' Taipa comemrcial centre.

In some casino floors, you will see ladies pushing around trollies with free drinks. They usually have tea, milk tea, coffee and juices. You will also see bottles of water everywhere. These are free to use and take out with you, even if you do not gamble. Don't be shy. However, casinos dont offer alcohol on the casino floor. You can also use the free cloak rooms to store your luggage. Sometimes, casinos have a dress code (no shorts, flip-flops).


"WiFi GO" service provides free wireless Internet connectivity to Macao citizens and visitors. Users can connect to "WiFi GO" and enjoy free wireless Internet connectivity with an IEEE 802.11 b/g standard device at "WiFi GO" service locations. See more details. Most casino's also offer free WiFi.

You can also enter Macau's public libraries without been challenged or asked for identification. Usually, you can use the computers for one hour periods if you show your passport. They will record your name. As most people have smartphones, the computers are rarely used. The libraries can also be used to read local English language newspapers, and following the locals, have a nap or sleep. Usually open from 8am to 7pm, they are open everyday, apart from Mondays. They have restrooms and free water.


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