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Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia. It has borders with Thailand to the north, Singapore to the south, and Indonesia to the west and south. Its Capital city is Kuala Lumpur. The country is separated in two parts: the Malay Peninsula, and the north of Borneo Island.


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Any populated area on mainland Malaysia should have plenty of restaurants. Indian restaurants are great sources for cheap food, vegetarian and otherwise, for rice and dhal typically only 2 or 3 ringgit (1USD) and full plates of rice and 2 or 3 dishes for 5 to 9 ringgit (2-3USD).

While hitchhiking, most of the time people will offer you food.


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Most Western visitors can enter Malaysia without a visa, and are normally issued 30, 60, or 90 day entry permit stamps. Some visitors that are not eligible to enter without a visa can get a tourist visa on arrival; some other nationalities must apply for a visa in advance.


  • Passport valid for at least 6 months beyond date of departure and other documents required by all nationalities.

Visa requirements

  • Citizens of European Countries, Baltic and Commonwealth of Independent States, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Romania and Syria do not need a visa for a visit not exceeding two weeks.
  • Nationals of countries not listed above will need a visa to visit Malaysia.
  • To apply for visas please contact your nearest Embassy or Consulate of Malaysia. Visa Application Forms can also be found at

Malaysia to review 'Visa on Arrival' policy, Kuala lumpur, (PTI): With the number of illegal over-stayers swelling in the country, Malaysian authorities are considering a review of its visa on arrival policy. Malaysia has extended the visa on arrival to nationals of several countries, including India, to boost tourism during the Visit Malaysia 2007 campaign. October 25, 2007.

Types of visa and cost

  • Single entry visa Issued to foreign nationals who require a visa to enter Malaysia mainly for a social visit. Normally valid for a single entry and for a period of three (3) months from the date of issue.
  • Multiple entry visa Issued to foreign nationals who require a visa to enter Malaysia mainly for business or government to government matters. Normally valid for a period within three (3) months to twelve (12) months from the date of issue.
  • Transit visa Issued to foreign nationals who require a visa to enter Malaysia on transit to other countries. Foreign nationals on transit without leaving the airport precincts and who continue their journey to the next destination with the same flight do not require a transit visa..

Visa Note

  • Nationals may still require a pass upon arrival, even if they are permitted to enter Malaysia visa-free.

Border Crossings


Craig tries thumbing up lifts at Bukit Ayer Hitam border (Thailand).

At the Bukit Ayer Hitam border with Thailand Craig wasn't allowed to ask motorists in the car immigration area for a lift [1]. Go to the rest area and ask there or just walk 5-10 minutes to the first crossing where you can stop cars easily.

Brunei (East Malaysia or Borneo)

Malaysians are paranoid about immigrations issues, so if you go from Eastern Malaysia to Brunei you get your passport stamped like crazy. To be more specific, as of 2012, there are five border crossings between Kota Kinabalu (in Sabah, Malaysia) and Miri (Sarawak, Malaysia), each giving you two stamps (one when entering, one when leaving):

  1. Sabah to Sarawak
  2. Sarawak to Brunei
  3. Brunei to Sarawak again
  4. Sarawak to Brunei again
  5. Brunei to Sarawak once again.

None of these should take long - just a stamp and that's it. You can even tell the officers that you want the stamps on older pages to preserve space. They are all quite understanding.


There is a ferry from Malacca to Dumai, Indonesia (20 USD) and police will give you real trouble if you try to leave by cargo boat (if you can even enter the port. If you make it please inform us here.) In George Town there's a small marina with private yachts. But it's easier to get a free ride with a boat in Langkawi. Most of the boats go to Indonesia.

Sarawak (Borneo) to Indonesia

At Entikong crossing, You can get a visa on arrival at this border (35 USD in 2015). There is not so much traffic to the border. Once across the border try get a ride with one of the trucks, almost all of them go to Pontianak. Usually many of them go in the afternoon and arrive in the morning in Pontianak.

From Sabah (Borneo) to Indonesia

There is no road crossing! You have to get a visa before (easy to get in Tawau). The only option seems to be speedboat to Tarakan or Nunukan. Cost to Nunukan should be about 65 MYR. From Nunukan there are PELNI boats about every three days, plus select ferries, so plenty of options to get to Sulawesi, East&South Kalimantan and further afield. While not free they are fairly cheap, about 150.000 IDR for a day of travel.


There are two border crossings to Singapore, from the Malaysian city of Johor Bahru. One is Woodlands checkpoint to the north of Singapore, and the other is Tuas checkpoint to the west. See Singapore for further information.

Malaysian Embassies and/or Consulates

  • Australia

Malaysian Consulate in Canberra, Australia
7 Perth Avenue
Yarralumla ACT 2600
City: Canberra
Phone: 61-2-6273 1543 or 61-2-6273 1544
Fax: 61-2-6273 2496
Email: mailto:[email protected]
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

  • China

Malaysian Embassy in Beijing, China
No. 2, Liang Ma Qiao Bei Jie
Chaoyang District
100600, Beijing
The People's Republic of China
City: Beijing
Phone: 0086-10-65322531
Fax: 0086-10-65325032
Email: mailto:[email protected]
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8.30 am - 5.00 pm

  • United Kingdom

Malaysian Consulate in London, United Kingdom
45 Belgrave Square
London SW1X 8QT
City: London
Phone: +442072358033
Fax: +442072355161
Email: mailto:[email protected]

  • United States

Malaysian Embassy in Washington DC, United States
3516 International Court, N.W.
Washington DC 20008
City: Washington DC
Phone: (202) 572-9700
Fax: (202) 572-9882
Email: mailto:[email protected]
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm


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