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Malmö (Malmo) is a city in the southwest of Sweden. It is very close to Copenhagen, to which it is connected by a bridge. There are also ferries between Malmö and Travemünde in Germany.


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Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Malmö.

Free WiFi is available upon resgistration at the following public libraries in Malmö: Stadsbiblioteket, Bellevuegårdsbiblioteket, Garaget, Husiebiblioteket, Kirsebergs bibliotek, Limhamnsbiblioteket, Lindängenbiblioteket, Rosengårdsbiblioteket. You can also use their computers inside without registering.


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Travel destinations

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Freeshops and other places for freegan opportunities

  • Garaget is a public library section which arranges clothing swaps the last sunday every month, except in summer. Bring any garments you like, and take the same amount. Garaget also has a shelf of free books and free WiFi. You can also borrow the facilities for free if you want to arrange something, provided you arrange something for free and that it is open to the public.
  • In Kontrapunkt you can borrow cloths for short periods of time.
  • You can get a library card and borrow books, music, video games etc. for free!
  • At CYKELKÖKET you can fix your bike or find altogether a new crooked bike to fix.