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Malta' is a small island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a member state of the European Union as well as the Schengen Agreement.

It is very densely populated, and there is very little distance between centres. Everyone knows English, and many can communicate in Italian and Arabic.

Weather is worse during December—February, when it's cold (houses are poorly isolated) and rainy.


Malta has comprehensive public transportation network and costs 1,5e day/6,5e week. Public transportation is never on time.

Roads are narrow, poorly planned and there are a lot of cars, so even short distances take often long time.

Hitch-hiking is quite poor (and pointless).

Accommodation & Wild Camping

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Shower & swiming

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To use public wifi in most of the places you will need to provide a local cell phone number (McDonalds, Burger king and a lot of other cafes are like that).


One can find buskers only in Valletta. Good spots for busking are straight after the entrance to Valletta (across the bridge) and on the Republic street close to the fountain. To fix your broken instrument or buy a new one you might want to go to Music link, Fleur De Lys.

Second hand shops

There are 3 quite cheap and good charity shops in Hamrun, on San Guzepp street. To find second-hand electronics and other goods there is a website

Cool Placers

To meet locals, you generally have a few spots:

  • Maori bar on Triq-il-Lanca (you go down the straight street and turn to Sant Bastjan when it ends, and then you will see a tunel, which you take to find yourself on the seacoast. Then you will see a couple of tiny buildings on the right, one of them is Maori)
  • ĠUGAR - Hangout & Bar
  • Wild Honey cafe
  • Vilhena Band Club on Triq Sarria
  • You also have to check if there are events in the St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity -- they have great music with (often) free entrance
  • Also, there is always some activity on the FB community 'Film/Tv work Malta', you can help students with making their movies -- and it's a great way to meet locals

Places to explore

  • Sa Maison Garden, Sa Malson -- just a nice tiny garden with a great view
  • Generally there is a lot of abandoned forts left from the Brits. It's amazing to be there! You can break into Fort Ricasoli easily -- there is a path leading to the tunnels and weapons preserved from the older times. Fort Campbell is a bit further, but also a great place to be.


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