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Name Marinaleda[[name::Marinaleda|]]
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[[coordinates::37,2216,4,5729|]] [[Latitude::37,2216|]] [[Longitude::4,5729|]]

Marinaleda is in Andalusia[[located in::Andalusia|]] (In country::Spain)[[located in::Spain|]].

"Marinaleda is a Spanish town and municipio of the province of Seville, Andalusia. The town is a self-identified social-democratic and cooperative municipality of 2,700 people;[1][2] and has been described as communist for its collectivist economy.[3] In 2014 its population was 2,748 people, in an area of 25 km2."

  • "Today, Marinaleda is a place where the farms and the processing plants are collectively owned and provide work for everyone who wants it. A mortgage is €15 per month, sport is played in a stadium emblazoned with a huge mural of Che Guevara, and there are monthly 'Red Sundays' when everyone works together to clean up the neighbourhood. Leading this revolution is the village mayor, Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo, who in 2012 became a household name in Spain after heading raids on local supermarkets to feed the Andalusian unemployed."
  • "Marinaleda is a small and remote village of Andalusia, one of the poorest regions in Spain. The town, with a population of 2,700 citizens, has a unique political and economic system of a strong socialist nature. As a result Marinaleda has virtually full employment in Andalusia, a region where the unemployment rate is more than 36%. The wage is equal for all workers, they earn 47 euro a day for six and a half hours of work. Moreover, the land is communal property."


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