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Mauritania is a country in West Africa. Citizens of Western countries need a visa for entering Mauritania. If you hold a West African passport you don't need a visa.

Visa at land borders might be tricky, so when coming from Morocco it's best to get it in Rabat. A single entry visa for one month costs 37 euro, double entry 52 euro 30 euro/340 dirham (Nov 2014) in Rabat or at the border 50euro/551 dirham (Nov 2014).

You need two passport photos and copies of the information pages of your passport. Visas are available on the next day for Europeans, but for Americans and Israelis it has sometimes taken up to one month, so if you're not sure get the visa in your home country or whenever you can during your travels.

Both start running 2 days after you take the visa.

From Sénégal the only place you can get the visa is the border, at Rosso (place known for being a chaos). The price changed a month ago, and now the ONE MONTH visa is 120 euros. (information from april 2015)

As we didn't have the money to pay we scanned the original visa (30 days, one entrance) and changed it to a 90 days, multiple entrance. Then we printed, we pasted over the original and we wrote with a regular black pen over the signature. The result was obviously fake, but controls are frequent (in every check point on the road, they asked to see the passport and the visa and they ask as to leave "une fiche" -either a copy of your passport or a paper with the written information-) but no one said anything. Even in the border near Nuadibou (the northern one, to morocco) where we had already passed with the other visa, nothing happened when they scanned our biometric passports and wrote visa information in the new file.


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