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Migrobirdo means migrating bird in Esperanto.

Migrobirdo was a sailing-boat called "Taube" (engl: pidgin) connected to the tsolife project that started in Germany, picked up Skillsurfers and sunk at the shores of Morocco in January 2009. The crew was a group of young people traveling from Germany to other countries, cultures and societies promoting understanding between cultures and sustainable change.

On Tuesday January 20th 2009 the boat "capsized in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Morocco (interactive map). The boat had already crossed the Mediterranean and was now heading South. "Salam. We got in a night trip to larance an waiting for good wind to go direction Rabat", was the last news we heard from the crew." (memory on Casarobino.org)

Entering the harbour of Mehdya big waves surprised the crew. Only one person managed to reach the beach with an iso-mattress. Families and friends kept up the spirit and had a follow-up meeting in Tübingen in February 2009 (see tour blog).