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Efficient, cheap and usually not blackrideable bus system (trolley can be blackrided though have several checks.)

Accommodation & Wild Camping

Good free hospexchange networks, street hosting can also be an option. Quite hard find places to wildcamp unless you go really outside of the city (e.g around northern ringroad) where should be easier.

Shower & swiming

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Belarussian currency is probably the funniest you may ever see..1E is about 13000local rubli (usually always around 1$-10000byr) and the smallest banknote is...100rubli..meaning 0.01$, you usually get 1000 (0.1$) and some 2000, 5000 very rarely 10000.. Fede collected an actual bun of banknotes (busking a morning in the underpassage of a central metro station) which was not much more worthy than 10-12€..

Hitchwiki & Trashwiki

https://hitchwiki.org/en/Minsk https://trashwiki.org/en/Minsk