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Narvik is a city in Nordland county, Norway. It lays on main E6 road and at the shore of Ofotfjord. The municipality has population of 18.5 thousand people. There is a crossroad of E6 and road towards Lofoten around 40 kilometres from there.


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There is an airport and train station in Narvik. On train station you can find tourist information. Public transport was not tested; main points seem to be in walkable distance.


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According to locals, in July 2015 there are no official camping sites around the city.

For wild camping in summer look for Ornesvik bay/beach. There are toilets, pebble beach, grass, benches and trees and there might be a few other travelers camping. From the centre of Narvik walk in the direction of train station on E6, cross the rail and continue on E6 until you see REMA 1000 supermarket on your left. (Check dumpsters when you're around.) Turn from E6 to the left and find the way through a small industrial area further to the forest. Beach will be downhill on your left soon. Check the way on google maps.

Surviving winter nights outside could be life challenging as temperatures may drop to -40 C.

Bewelcome community is very small. Couchsurfing a bit larger.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


Find info on dumpster diving at Trashwiki.

There are quite a few good places for dumpster diving. Article on trashwiki will be added. Check 2 REMA 1000 shops, Rimi in Sunkost Narvik storsenter (shopping centre) and coop prix near center. All were successful in July 2015. (Coop prix is locking the bins, but big brown organic bin with fruits and vegetables can be easily opened when locks are on). Other shops were not checked.

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Narvik.

There are a few open wifi networks in Sunkost Narvik storsenter (shopping centre). It is open 9-20 in workdays (and less on weekends). If you look carefully, you will find plenty of electric plugs on the edge of middle floor for your electricity-dependent device.

In the centre there is a Trappa Cafe and Bar (go up the stairs on the left of the museum) opened till 3.30 at night. You can sit outside and reach their network easily. Password in July 2015 was 'hennessy', and the staff was friendly, happy to provide the key and even gave a free tea to a traveler with limited money. Plugs are inside but you might have to order something to stay in without stress.

There is a library in the centre. Opening hours are quite limited. (Does it provide wifi/computers?)


The city seems to be too small to busk, but you're free to test it and add your experience here.

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City is small and seems to be generally safe (as most of the north is). There were two guys asking for a few hours for peoples' phones in a bit manipulative way, and that might be the highest danger of this place. :)