New Age Travellers

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New Age Travellers are nomadic people in the United Kingdom. They also refer to themselves as 'travellers' or 'vehicle-dweller's', or 'new traveller's.'


Unrelated to the Roma or Irish Travellers, the 'new traveller' movement originated from people seeking an alternative way of life in the early 1970's. It intensified, in the mid-eighties when a group of post-punk anti-Thatcher protesters headed out of London into the English countryside. New travellers' are a diverse group of people originating mainly from the settled British population, although some new travellers are now 2nd or 3rd generation.


These 'new gypsies' desire sustainability, love self-reliance, and disdain for the trappings of contemporary life. Therefore, nomads, may find new age travellers natural bedfellows, and have much in common.

Nomadic Life

Their transport and homes consist of vans, lorries, buses, cars, and caravans converted into mobile homes. They stay on unauthorised sites throughout the countryside, particularly in Wales and the south-west of England, and in urban areas. London hosts a large number of traveller sites in places such as disused factory or warehouse yards, and there is often a crossover between travellers and squatters, with travellers parking up in yards attached to squatted buildings. Typical traveller sites might have anywhere from 5 to 30 vehicles on them, including trailers and caravans as well as buses, vans, and horseboxes converted to live in.