Nomads RIP

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Some nomads have made a long lasting, global imapact on numereous other nomads. On this page, we salute those nomads who left this motal coil too early.

  • Wei Yin, was a well-known Chinese hitchhiker who was killed in Sichuan, China in 2011.
  • Kinga Choszcz, better known as Kinga Freespirit (10 April 1973, Gdańsk, Poland - 9 June 2006( died of Malaria in Ghana, was a well-known Polish traveler and travel writer. Her spirit lives on.
  • Tatyana Kozyreva, a well-known Russian hitchhiker passed away on the 3rd of April 2016, at the age of 43 in Indonesia, near Bandar Aceh in a diving accident. Tatyana was known for having written and self-published several books on hitchhiking and related topics under the name Tatyana Yashnikova In the Russian hitchhiking scene she was the most “famous” female solo traveller and hitchhiker. An active hitchhikers since the 1990s, she had travelled 150, 000 kilometers by hitchhiking by the year 2000, traversing large parts of Russia. After that she stopped counting. An obituary by Nina (English).
  • Mark Baumer was killed in January 2017 while walking cross-country in America, whilst on a solo walking protest RIP.
  • Morgan 'Salman' Strüb, who died on 28 March 2010, was webmaster and co-editor of