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Pakistan is a country in Southern Asia.

To cross Pakistan from west to east, you need to go through "Baloutchistan, a region which spreads between Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. A region which is fighting for their independance since many years, a region which brings up terror and violence, because the Pakistani police, the Taliban and the Balochis fight each other. As a tourist you get an police escort" from (Going through an exciting country). See also the video about crossing Pakistan from Iran to India :


Safety for female travellers

The general safety concerns about kidnappings are exactly the same for men and for women. In general in Pakistan I (user:Nina ) try to interact as much as possible with women, and (unfortunately) try to ignore local men as much as possible. I reserve my friendly smile only for women, and treat men with coldness.


Pakistan has borders with Iran, Afghanistan, China and India.

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It is not recommended to hitchhike cross-country without prior knowledge of the situation in places along the road. While such free movement is unthinkeable in Balochistan, where you need an armed guard, there is also a lot of crime (for example kidnappings for ransom) in many areas of Sindh and extremists have infested some small towns and villages in Punjab. As for the mountains, the Sunni tribal areas can be not without risk, yet foreigners have always gone through these areas in cars or on bikes or motorbikes, as long as you go straight and don't dwell for too long you should be fine.

Busses are relatively cheap compared to many other parts of the world, though. The train system, which only a very few years ago was abysmalö has vastly improved and is now fairly reliable.


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The times when you could get a visa en route in Turkey or other countries are over. You need to apply for the visa now in your home country no matter which direction you travel. Rules and prices vary from country to country, check with the consulate in your country.


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