Projektwerkstatt Saasen

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[[photo::Projektwerkstatt Saasen.jpg|]]
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Name Projektwerkstatt Saasen[[name::Projektwerkstatt Saasen|]]
Type Openspace, Nomadbase
Website URL::
Started 1990
Last visit never update
Costs none per day (Food and accommodation)
Location Ludwigstr. 11
35447 Reiskirchen
Phone: 06401/903283
Fax: 03212-1434654


[[coordinates::50.59691,8.88247|]] [[Latitude::50.59691|]] [[Longitude::8.88247|]]

Projektwerkstatt Saasen is a Openspace[[type::Openspace|]] in Saasen[[located in::Saasen|]] (In country::Germany)[[located in::Germany|]].

It is an anarchist [ open space] without preset rules or hierarchy and one of the first places with in the network of Freiraeume foundation. It has a big library and all bikes, tools, computers are usable for all. As knowledge is freely available theoretically everyone has the same rights, although there are hierarchies of skills.


Projekte add project


This was one of the first of 50 places by the old youth environmental movement in the 80s and 90s called "Projektwerkstätten" (translates as "project workshops"). []

How to get there

By train take the line Gießen - Fulda and exit at Saasen.

By car and hitchhiking take the exit Reiskirchen or petrol station Reinhardshain on the [[:hitch:A5 (Germany)|A5.

By bike use bikeway R7 from Lahntal along the river Wieseck heading east; via R6 from Frankfurt/Friedberg.


The house is renovated in DIY manner and offers a seminar space, many corners to work on projects like internet research, media development, layout and printing, or welding and crafting with wood. There's a bikeshop and big library and magazine archive.

The website of the place offers a lot of material, events and a bookshop for resistance lifestyle in german, like How to participate?