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Name react!OR[[name::react!OR|]]
Type openspace, Nomadbase
Website URL::
Last visit never update
Location Frühlingstr. 17
87435 Kempten


[[coordinates::47.72524,10.30724|]] [[Latitude::47.72524|]] [[Longitude::10.30724|]]

react!OR is a openspace[[type::openspace|]] in In city::Kempten[[located in::Kempten|]] (In country::Germany)[[located in::Germany|]].

The place is open for all ages and genders to start projects, events, lectures, discussions, media presentations or workshops. A lot of active groups meet here and it offers material for political education and critical thinking. It has a freeshop and places for just be. The open kitchen is free for all. Open from We-Sa 2-7 p.m. or on request.

Wikipedia has additional encyclopedic information on Kempten


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