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Name ResidenceSEA[[name::ResidenceSEA|]]
Type artistic
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Email URL::residenceSEA
Started 2012
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Location Kiliks road


[[coordinates::35.3342,25.1329|]] [[Latitude::35.3342|]] [[Longitude::25.1329|]]

ResidenceSEA is a artistic[[type::artistic|]] in In city::Heraklion[[located in::Heraklion|]] (In country::Greece)[[located in::Greece|]].

It is located on the beach of Heraklion and Amoudara, at the end of the Kiliks road, behind the Pankritio stadium and close to Taverna Kalitera. The space is the ground floor of the old famous taverna (Palio Lido) just 10 meters from the wave line. images

"Sensing your Environment through Art – is a residence for artists, organized by artists, which aims to bring artists and researchers to Heraklion, to dive into a creative and collaborative process with the environment and the community. ResidenceSEA aims to be a place for artists, researches, hackers and all creative people of the community to collaborate and exchange ideas, to experiment and create hybrid art works between art, science and technology. We provide a studio/loft to live and work, opportunities for collaboration, assistance to document your process and project and a venue for presentations, happening, workshop and exhibitions. The space of ResidenceSEA is the ground floor of an old taverna on the beach of Heraklion just 10 meters from the wave line(see Space)."

ResidenceSEA projects are cross-disciplinary : artscience, technology, installation, video, sound, performance, visual art, poetry and so on. It provides a studio to live and work, opportunities for collaboration, we document your work in process on our blog and help you organise a final event or presentation of your project. If you want to stay at ResidenceSEA send us a proposal email. See for details our open call. Since 2012 ResidenceSEA has hosted more than 40 international artists (see Previous artists).


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Michela moved to Heraklion in 2010 and she collaborated with local organisations like FORTH (the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas), TRANSFER Post Production Studio, the studio LK architect, the Hacker space To LABaki, the University of Crete, and presented her work at the Natural History Museum of Crete, the CretAquarium Crete, the Heraklion Museum of Visual Art, the Heraklion Municipality Art Gallery, the venue CineStudio Live. Now she lives in Antwerp, Belgium and shows her personal work internationally. She run the ResidenceSEA space in collaboration with Roberta Bellante and other volunteers in Heraklion.