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There many kinds, types and forms of retreat. From silent, group retreats to religious retreats, to retreats at ashrams and monasteries, choice is increasing. While there are many commercial retreats, this section focuses on free retreats or at least those based on subsidized prices or the magic hat. While you can arrange a solitary, private retreat yourself, through house sitting, for example, this section focuses on established retreats.

While you may think retreats merely offer a place to stay, committing to a retreat stay often be rigorous, and demand work and discipline. Others may require meditation, chanting and prayer. In return, they may provides an rare opportunity to explore the inner space of the mind, and find a path toward happiness and peace, for all who seek it. Therefore, be serious in your choice, and give respect to those who facilitate your stay, their beliefs and practices, even if such beliefs and practices are incompatible with any (or simply yours) intellectual activity.

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  • Sancta Maria Abbey is located in Nunraw, Haddington, Scotland. The Abbey offers retreats at their Guesthouse on a donations basis. Get in touch via their website to book.
  • Boulder Gardens Eco-Sanctuary
  • CHT#1 Cyberhippietotalism is a live hacklab is in Lanzarote, Spain.
  • Beneficio, Orgiva,Spain - Up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, this permanent Rainbow village has been a resting point for many travelers for the last... 30 years? Be warned: Very hippie! 200 or so people living mostly independent of each other on “Rainbow land,” which is co-owned by many residents.
  • Lough Derg, in north-west Ireland have 3 day retreats (cost is 70 Euro). Please note that this is a Roman Catholic retreat. Pilgrims are not permitted to bring with them to Lough Derg, mobile phones, laptops, ipods, or other MP3 players. Unless you are traveling in the region, the retreat unlikely to be of practical benefit.

North America

  • Boulder Gardens Eco-Sanctuary is located in the California mojave desert north west of joshua tree. There is an accommodating space for temporary living for just about all nomadic souls who can also bring the needed manifestations to the land and inhabitants. If you are passing through or in need of decompression and/or healing, you might find what you need out there amongst the ancient Joshua's. More information can be found on their Facebook page.


Don't forget that they "ask everyone to give 12 and a half euros for each night they stay at the Oasis which covers the stay, food and running costs. This is not a for-profit project but we don't want to go broke either and the Oasis has taken considerable amounts of time, energy and money to get going." Meaning you got to have some quite a lot cash to be part of it!

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