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Nomadwiki is a wiki for nomads, started by some of the same community who brought you Trustroots, Hitchwiki, Trashwiki, Couchwiki, Sharewiki and more.

SHE goes MAD was conference that took place in Berlin towards the end of November 2009. The aim of the conference was to connect people whose intention is to set up a network of nomadic spaces, spaces where nomads feel at home. It is essentially also a conference on our shared nomadic culture.

The invitation and information on preparation can be found in Sharewiki.


SHE stands for Sustainable Hospitality Exchange. SHE was also a conference that took place in Amsterdam, june 2008. MAD stands for nomadic but MAD in itself is just too cool to not use.

She is an approach and a framework of thinking to understand hospitality. In more specific terms she is a framework of thinking to understand how we can be hospitatible 'sustainably', for one on a personal level, secondly on a group level and thirdly on a network level. What are the things we need to make it possible for us to remain hospitable, ie to keep on 'hosting' without undermining our common and personal capacity?


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  • 20.11.2009 - 27.11.2009 Work meetings
  • 27.11.2009 - 30.11.2009 Main conference
Opening Session on the 27th late afternoon.


  • Current nomadbases, origins and culture
  • Shared practices & common mistakes
  • Cultures of living together
  • What values are promoted by nomadbases
  • How to set up more nomad-bases
  • Build/ draw your favorite house
  • Workshop with tools in nomad bases
  • Learning communities and self-education
  • Problems of project builder leaving & continuing the 'process'
  • Constructing 'nomad bases' in countries with little networks, contacts and philosophy of this process and then building from the ground up.
  • How can we make the bases 'sustainable'?

Real social networks,

  • How to connect the nomads and bases online
  • Existing proposals and platforms we can use
  • Relation with existing hospitality exchange networks
  • Wished-for functionalities ('mad oriented')
  • Newsletters and updates on progress
  • Members Bill of Rights

Personal Social relations

  • Sustaining a family as a nomad
  • How to collaborate on long term projects as a nomad
  • How to build social recognition as a nomad
  • How to build up recognition of our role towards society
  • How to communicate with others who do not experience multiple shifting realities
  • Keeping presence when faced to other peoples fears
  • Experience of Representation Vs Experience of being
  • How to have stable intimate relationships as a nomad
  • How to create ( our own ) reference points as a nomad
  • Shared values, behaviours, challenges & yearnings
  • How to keep the underground close to the surface, to not withdraw ourselves from all other 'realities'
  • Nomad Base as Healing Spaces ? ( from wandering overdose ? or simply from punctual physical weakening ? )


Different funding models

  • Legal issues
  • Parallel currency systems Ripple
  • Permanent workshops in nomad bases
  • Bike repair shops
  • Urban farming
  • cooperation with farms / farming cooperatives
  • Product Production
    • Soap Production
    • Toothpaste production
    • Soup Kitchen
  • Fabrication labs in nomad bases with reprap and/or other production tools
  • Teach, Learn, Share
  • Use personal skills where they are needed (ie. fix a bike for the one that can't, fix a meal for the one that can't, fix a computer, fix a roof, fix fears, fix television... wait... don't fix televisions!)
  • Consensus, decision-making & OpenSpace Technology
  • fundraising from
    • foundations
    • companies
  • recycling
    • dumpster diving
    • freecycle

Economics of a nomad

  • Actual economic needs for a nomad
  • Different ways for a nomad to sustain themselves.
  • Best countries to officially register your residence
  • Nomad base type economic projects
  • Hacking artificial scarcity
  • Building up peer production infrastructures
  • How to collaborate and receive support from mainstream institutions as a nomad

High/Low tech Nomadism

Nomadic Projects

Relation with non-nomadic world

  • How can 'we' (while living a nomadic life) still find ways to make a concrete contribution to the settled (non-nomadic) community, particularly disadvantaged groups? For example in terms of education, information about free living, language classes, women's and homeless shelters, focalising political activity, environmental education and arts and crafts.
  • What ways can we make educational resources nomadic

To be categorized

  • Beyond Collectivism ? Beyond Individualism ? Beyond Self-Actualization
  • Stigmergic Tools
  • Festivalism
  • Metaphysics of the Hitch Hiker
  • Usership of Private Spaces ?
  • Sustainable Non-Reciprocal Exchange and Units of Measurment ?
  • Hyperlocal Nomadism

Skill share sessions that are likely to start whenever it starts

  • Poi/ play with fire
  • Bread-making
  • Meditation
  • Intuitive Traveling
  • Free Software
  • Drupal Basics
  • Go (Bring a game board)
  • chess
  • Languages

Work and learn

The intention of the conference is not only to share ideas, but also to get things done, build networks and extend our community. A proposal is to come together in the weeks before and after the conference to implement and work on things such as coding, website and communication.

Things to accomplish

Results that you would like to achieve

  • Exchange of experiences, empowering ourselves
  • Call for bases

Projects that you would like to see going:

Minutes/ Reports

See also { history of BeVolunteer]