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Salt Lake City is the capital and the largest city in Utah, USA.

The city itself boasts a meager population at 186,440 but has 1.1 million in the metropolitan area which is part of the larger Wasatch Front, home to 2.2 million. It lies on the Wasatch Mountain Range, at the edge of the Rockies. Salt Lake City, "Crossroads of the West", has always been a transient city and remains transient in modern times.

To differentiate yourself from a tourist, refer to Salt Lake City as "Salt Lake" (without "City"). Home to the world's largest population of Latter Day Saints (Mormon), Salt Lake City can be conservative at times. So when hitching in, out, or just through, be aware of your appearance if you want to open yourself up to rides from a broader population.


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It is possible to ride in the black on Salt Lake City's commuter rail but be careful, the fine is $150, otherwise the ticket price depends on distance (up to about $9.50) for Ogden, Utah.


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Although cold in the winter, one can find a place to sleep in the mountains, all but a thirty minute walk outside of town.

At the south end of the TRAX line, the last stop is called Sandy Civic. Nearby is a shopping mall. Next to the REI is a wooded creek area that is great for stealth camping. On the other side of 106th from the mall are 3 or 4 hotels that serve breakfast. Dress to impress and enjoy a free meal and internet access.

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Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings there is a Food Not Bombs ([1]) pick up in Richmond Park at 11:00 for free food. The Bishop’s Storehouse, a free grocery market open to people – both Mormom church members and non-believers – in need of food aid can be accessed in Salt Lake City. There are over 100 of these in the United States. There are also 29 others in many countries in Latin America, where there are Mormons. Local church leaders can grant cash and goods to members and non-believers in times of emergency need. They might ask for volunteer work in return, but the grants are not expected to be repaid.

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Hackerspaces around Salt Lake City.

There is a really nice public library in SLC. Free internet, bathrooms, etc. 4th South and 3rd East.


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