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Large shopping malls are an interesting option for freeloading and resting in cities. It is often possible to find electric plugs, wifi connection, place to sit and work or hide from bad weather, free bathrooms/toilets, and tablediving opportunities.

Before you waste your time moving to the mall of your choice, you can check the website of the place. They may give information on opening hours, wifi availability etc.

When you enter a selected shopping mall, you can look for dining area. Usually there is a public space with tables and chairs. Some of these areas contain electric plugs. You can stay, work on your stuff and occasionally walk around and get some food left by people. You can also ask at Information for places with electricity or other needs.

Possible issues

  • Lack of electric plugs
  • Bad wifi connection
  • Noise
  • People
  • Security

Because of tablediving Mrkvon and company was banned from re-entering Paphos shopping mall, Cyprus in January 2015.

Shopping mall ban?

Shopping malls are private property and security can probably ban you from re-entering. What is legal background for that? In US it seems to be common (search shop ban trespassing). How about EU and other countries?

So general advice would be: if you need/want, use these consumption temples as much as you can, but don't give them any reason to bother you.