Jump to: navigation, search was a self-organized bus tour that went in eight months from 2008 to 2009 from Germany through Switzerland, France, Spain to Portugal. A diverse group of learners loaded three vans with donated organic food, solar panels to charge laptops visited around 40 projects like Nomadbases across [Europe]]. The focus was on sustainable traveling as the booklet said: "Never ever fly to any of the projects in this booklet please, or you totally got it wrong!".

"We want to show, that alternatives do exist, and that they are doable for everyone! Not by the state, not by "school system" or anything, but by us, by simple people."'


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Skillsurfers booklet, 180 pages, 2010

The Skillsurfers booklet is a collection of collaboratively edited articles about the Skillsurfers tour: "a booklet about those important things that schools are not gonna teach you", 180 pages, published in March 2010 (PDF, 150 MB).


Keywords: skillsharing, travelling school of live, neo-nomadism, methods for self-organized learning.

License: Articles are available online and licensed to use freely for non-commercial purposes (CC BY-NC-SY): "The texts are all anti-copyright (except the one about the agave museum) and free to copy and spread as you wish." (FAQ)