Smoked Vegetarian Chorizo

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This is a recipe for Smoked Vegetarian Chorizo a type of Food.

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  • dried soy pieces (big ones and fine ones)
  • onions
  • garlic
  • red peppers
  • laurel leaves
  • chilli
  • olive oil
  • salt, pepper, chilli and other spices
  • cellulose paper tubes (special one for making sausages from butchers market)
  • strings (to sew the cellulose paper)
  • a needle
  • cones (you can make them from small bottles if you dont have fitting ones)
  • a smoking stove (that is: a stove that has enough space to hang something at the top inside, in casa Viva they just turned an old kind of concrete box of about 50cm*50cm*150cm into a smoking stove, which was in the garden before and unused)


  1. First you cut the cellulose paper into pieces and sew them one end with the string. one end you leave open to fill it and to knot it afterwards.
  2. You put the soy into water and let it suck for about 2 hours.
  3. You mix the onions, garlic, peppers, laurel, oil etc with the mixer and add some water – you can experiment with the quantities of the ingredients and spices but you should have some kind of red liquid in the end.
  4. After 2 hours you squeeze the soy with your hands so the water goes out of it.
  5. You mix it with the veggie-spice-soup and let it cook until it becomes a thick paste.
  6. You fill the paper tubes with the paste using the cones, knot them with 2 knots so there is a string loop on one end of the sausage (you will hang them on it later on). You can squeeze the mix in with one end of a wooden spoon and take care that there´s no air inside. If it doesn´t work to get the air out with the spoon make a little hole in the paper with the needle and squeeze it out. Clean the sausage a bit with a towel or wash it so there is no mixture on the outside of the paper (it will burn otherwise).
  7. Now you smoke the sausages hanging them over a small fire in your stove for 3 days. Take care they dont burn. The smoke will conserve and change the taste of the sausages.

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