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Split is the largest Dalmatian city and the second-largest urban centre in Croatia.


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Bus cost in Split is 12 Kuna per Ride (July 2011)

The drivers will only let you enter on the front door unless the stations are very crowded and there are often controllers on the stations so blackriding is difficult.


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There are older people at the bus station who will ask you if you need a room, they usually cost about 200-300kn, hostels are cheaper than that. Cheapest hostels go down to about 50 kn in particular off-season.

Stealth camping

Split is great for sleeping in a sleeping bag or even pitching a tent. Most people don't seem to mind someone sleeping in public in particular off-season. However, it's technically illegal and you could be charged with up to 3000 HRK for pitching a tent. There are lots of free showers along the coast, however, they are only working during the season.

Just laying down with your sleeping bag at one of the beaches is probably fine. Here are some alternatives if you are looking for more privacy:

  • You can go from the center over the west coast and pass through the park "Zvončac". After that just keep going along the coast until you come to the beach "Obojena svjetlost" and just after the main beach you come to some stairs that go up and down along the coast. After that there is a flat concrete surface by a small shed, roughly here. The place is perfectly safe for sleeping bags, maybe you can even pitch a tent there but you have to leave early in the morning because (elderly) locals always come there in the morning. They are however quite friendly usually. :) You can also climb up onto the roof of the shed and stay there. I slept there few days and it was fantastic!
  • If you want even more privacy you can try and find a place anywhere in the Marjan hill/forrest which is still in a walkable distance from the old town. You can also take a bus from sv. Franje church at the end of Riva to station "Institut" or "Bene" (the last stop), and then see from there. There should be good spots near the sea or up in the forest.
  • Before the war there used to be a campground with a nice view in Trstenik. Only ruins are left of the former facilities but you can still sleep under the trees there. However, people do pass through this area frequently to go down to the beach so you might want to try not to be too visible.

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Student cafeterias such as the Index are very cheap for local students so someone might borrow you their student card. Local students pay only a fraction of the prices posted as most of the cost is charged to their student cards that are preloaded by the government every month. If you want to do some table diving, just get a coffee or something and sit close to the far end where they return their trays. The people working there are probably not so excited about table diving, so try to be a bit stealth when you grab things from the returned trays.

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Split.
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There is few nice places to perform something on the streets. Possibly you'll meet here other local buskers doing music and so on. I had not any troubles here with law. So find your place and try, it's possible.

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