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Many people find host through Hospitality exchange when they travel. But it is also very often possible and easy to find hospitality in the old fashioned, straightforward ways spontaneously.

Find a host directly without any need of internet or technology is often a great asset and skill for nomads. If you don't have an easy access to internet nor a personal device or a mobile phone, sending requests, waiting for answers and fixing a meeting with your host can be annoying.

Meeting people

Quite often, when you meet people and you tell them your story, they will be surprised, interested or excited and may offer you hospitality. It can work pretty well because they will already have a general idea of you. When you are looking for a host, don't hesitate to start talking to anybody, mentioning them that you need a place to sleep.

Especially when hitchhiking, being invited by your driver is an easy and good option.

Door to door

You can try to ask for hospitality going to knock door to door. It is more or less easy as it sounds, depending on where you are. Usually it is much easier in the countryside. You might be refused by some people, just don't give up and you will certainly find the good ones.

If you don't feel like asking directly to sleep in the house, you can also spot houses with garden and ask if you can pitch a tent in their garden. In this case often they will let you stay inside and/or offer you food.

Use a sign

If you busk it will be even easier since you call more the attention and people "frame" you more, you easily give a quick impression of who are you, what are you doing and what you need; if you don't busk no worries it will work anyway, the technique is the same.

Grab a panel, same style as a hitchhiking sign, bigger may be better, and write on it "any couch for tonight?" "any nice host for couchsurfers?" "may I sleep with you tonight? :)" or similar; hang it behind your backpack and walk around (it will be more visible) "possible hosts'" transited places such as train stations, universities, city centres, commercial streets etc.

If you stop for busking leave it well under the spotlight so that people can see it (often they'll be surprised thinking you were asking for money on it). If not you can also leave down the backpack and start holding it with your hands (free hugs style; you can also free hug meanwhile, people will consider you more nicely); It seems weird but it definitely does work, at least in Europe, western countries where a good amount of people, especially young, know the concept.

Hospitable cultures

Outside of western countries, in different and more humanly developed cultures (e.g Georgia or Iran), often hospitality is an inner and spontaneous concept, connected to manners, kindness and beliefs. You won't have any problem to be invited at home and fed by ay sort of people if you say you'll sleep in tent or don't have any place to stay (and don't want to/can't pay for hotels); a guest is almost often conceived as a blessing for the house.

Just be respectful of the local habits and manners according to where you are.

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